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Advisory ID Release Name Topic
CAU-1998-0005 1998.12.05 Yahoo Search Engine - Search Engine Reply Manipulation The Yahoo Search Engine can be manipulated to return arbitrary HTML as part of the search response.
CAU-1998-0004 1998.05.27 GTE Cybercenter - Software Restrictions Subversion Complete Access to Windows 95 is possible using a few simple techniques.
CAU-1998-0003 1998.05.27 GTE Cybercenter - Web Browsing Access Control Subversion Full Web Browsing is possible from within the restricted environment.
CAU-1998-0002 1998.04.30 Cytlok for Windows 95 - Site (URL) Access Control Subversion It is trivial to subvert Cytlok's Port Access
CAU-1998-0001 1998.04.22 Cytlok - Local Network Segment Remote DoS Cytlok can be used to hang various applications, on remote machines not using Cytlok.

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